Mr. Apollo Boniface Simon TEMU, Chief Operating Officer, Imara Horizon Company.

Apollo holds Masters of Science in IT Software Engineering, with more than 25 years of professional, business and work experience in the Industry in varied roles as well as related disciplines, massive experience in Information Technology and Strategic Business Transformation, New Business Development across Financial Institutions, Public Sectors, Oil and Gas, Construction and Real Estate Industries.  In the past Apollo worked nationally and internationally in a number of roles within, public & private sectors, including the Lloyds Banking Group in the United Kingdom in Service Management and Leadership roles, Award winner and recognized by stakeholders, Apollo has significantly contributed his passion and professionalism to various community initiatives. He has also worked in non-governmental organizations.

Apollo has served at the Board Level in Financial Services and Social Housing in Tanzania and in Overseas. Passionate champion of Private Sector initiatives that positively collaborates with the public sector, Apollo harbours extensive and vast experience with startup initiatives.